Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flashlight Museum


The Flashlight Museum started out as a hobby for Dave Mc Lellen in the 1990’s and later became the founder of the museum web site that suggest books, articles, videos, information about upcoming conventions, along with history(some of these links did not work) etc. Links provide contact information, donation packages, collectors, contributors, products for sale, and an index of flashlights The web site also prominently displays its sponsor manufacturers. The collections policy primarily consists of finds at garage sales, estate sales, and junk stores and people met at conventions.

The Flashlight Museum has a variety of antique, vintage, classic and new high-tech flashlights. The earliest flashlight on the web site is an 1898 2cell battery. Some of the most popular flashlight brands are listed and it provides resources for flashlight collectors and those who enjoy collecting batteries and accessories.

The metadata is rather sparse with little or no reference to the origin, description, etc. It’s a rather unique web site, but nothing fancy, just a basic web design. I did not see any mention of a collection policy only a statement about there goal, "Our goal is simple: to provide an easy way for flashlight fans to browse through some of the greatest vintage flashlights to ever hit the planet and to check out some of the up and coming high-tech models".

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