Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian Comic Book Art


This site was created to supplement a physical exhibition created by the National Archives' Canadian Museum of Caricature in 1992. The stated goal of it's creators was to present the development of Canadian superheros in comics with regards to issues of national identity. Whether or not the entire exhibition is represented on the site is never mentioned, but the look and feel seems to suggest that the digital version of the exhibition may be more a selection from the original than an exact replication. Rather then presenting the user with a database of searchable images, the creators have chosen to present the reader with items from the collection along with a sequential narrative describing the development of Canadian comics. It's a 'guided tour' approach, which has its own issues (both good and bad).

Only very basic metadata is provided for each image. Thumbnails and larger versions are accompanied by text listing the title, author, date published, and publication in which the image first appeared. Nothing with regards to medium is mentioned, though the nature of the source material (mostly print) may have something to do with that. Still, information is very limited.

Images themselves are of fair quality, though again no metadata is provided with regards to the digital objects or digitization projects. Clicking on a thumbnail links to a larger, higher quality version of the image. The 'about this site' portion of the exhibition lists the creator's intended audience as being the general public, and the on the rails approach works on that end. This wouldn't be a site for interested cultural studies students, however.

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