Sunday, March 29, 2009

19th century American Sheet Music Digitization Project

19th century American Sheet Music Digitization Project was conducted by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which, at present, has a collection of descriptive bibliographic listings for 82 accessible volumes (3300 pieces) along with digital images for the contents of the most volumes. The collection is in consisting of 125 binders’ collections and the owner’s name was embossed on the cover of bounded volume. The collection “illuminates the culture of the eastern and southern U.S. during a most significant time in the region’s history”. It is a fabulous source for research on multiple disciplines such as music, history, art, sociology and American Studies.
Users may access to the collection either by searching by keyword, by title keyword and by composer or browsing the collection by title, by composer, by series and only by entries with images.
Users may browse the collection in series volumes. Because each volume embodies its owner’s taste and philosophical learning therefore description would be given in volume. All the sheet images are represented in thumbnail. There are enrich descriptive information go along with the images of music sheet. The information includes composer, short title, full title, publisher, publisher number, pages, language, cover inscription, series. Always there are hyperlinks on first 2 or 3 entries, and by clicking the links there are new relative searching results come out.
The sheet images are printable for educational use.

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