Friday, March 27, 2009

The Bathtub Art Museum

The Bathtub Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, began in 1993 and operates with a collection of over 300 postcards.

It appears to have been updated January 2008 according to one update, but there is still listed the announcement in 2006 looking for artist for 2007 and the home page has 2003-2007 listed. That’s a little confusing.

The postcard collection is interesting. They range from 1900 to recent and includes a description of each card with the artist, location, date and other information when available. The most interesting is when the post card was actually sent and the message from the sender is shared.

Included also is a list of artist. Jonathan Liu is featured with his Etch-a-Sketch bathtub etching.

There are four galleries featured: Art of a bathtub Cake (features 9 cakes from the cake contest that celebrated the Museum’s 3rd birthday),More Peeping Toms (featuring 8 postcards from the 1920’s to the 1060’s), Full Tub(featuring 7 post cards) and Beauty and the Bath, (features 8 post cards from 1900-1950’s).

Each postcard can be enlarged, but not significantly enough to take in the smaller details.

Another portion of the web site centers on Bathtub News and Bathtub Blurbs with descriptions and photos. This section is pretty cool, and the news and blurbs are quite an interesting collection. There is also a spot for you to submit information if you have any contributions. You can also join the mailing list. There are also additional informational links.

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