Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The British Museum Images
“The British Museum is the authoritative source of images depicting would culture and history including ceramics, sculpture, prints, drawings and paintings.”
British Museum Images is the on-line digital image website of the British Museum offering images of objects held in the British Museum’s collection. All of the images are rights-managed; users can search, buy, license and download 300 dpi JEPG digital images for educational use. 72 dpi JEPG un-watermarked digital images are accessible at no extra cost. The British Museum does not supply transparent or print format images for commercial use.
Currently, there are 9 collections on-line. Users could search the collection by keyword or image number or randomly browse the collection. All the images are represented through thumbnails with image numbers. By clicking the thumbnail, a pop out window with detailed metadata descriptive information including name, date, original country, brief history will show up.
British Museum Images is just a simple image database. I don’t think it is of equivalent reputation as British Museum. However, for research or educational purposes, it seems that there is enough information on it. What I concern is how could a database be enriched but not limited in simple searching as well as representing the images.

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