Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Museum of Contemporary Photography


The Museum of Contemporary Photography currently holds more than 8,500 photographs and photographically-related objects about Americans since 1936. The online gallery highlights the collection by listing photographers’ names. In each pop-out window, all the works by each particular photographer along with a short bibliographic explanation come up. However there is no way to zoom in the images. Another respectable online collection is Midwest photographers project which, inaugurated in 1982, is a rotating collection of portfolios by both professional and emerging photographers from the Midwest of America. The works that be represented in this project are housed in the museum’s Print Study Room and may be viewed by appointment. It is a unique resource on contemporary. The portfolio is not represented in the museum permanently but in a two-year period. But all the images are available no matter current or past online.
Personally speaking, I don’t think this is a good example of digital library. Especially, it is about photograph, however all the images here are not allowed to zoom in. And, I could not find any metadata associated with the images. It is, i would say, at most a place to store images rather than integrated database.

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