Monday, April 6, 2009

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project

Lincoln/NET is a digitization project conducted by Northern Illinois University, presenting Lincoln’s historical materials produced during the Illinois years (1830-1861) which includes writings, speeches as well as other materials. Lincoln is the United State’s sixteenth president ever shed significant light on American history, and well known for the performance during the War time. This project is valuable for a rich presentation of Lincoln’s records do help explore and further understand Lincoln’s career and his social and political context.
This digitization project distinguishes itself from others primarily due to the multimedia (Flash) presentations. Text, image, video, sound and interactive resources are included in. the copies of videos for local use are downloadable. Part of the content is under protection under copyright laws and such materials could be used only for research and educational use. For other uses, could contact project director in Northern Illinois University.
Text: there are two ways of searching: Full-Text search and Bibliographic Fields search. Considering that users might not familiar with the details and just want to randomly search something, an example box is followed by where users could pick “fields” they are interested in.
Image: images could be searched or browsed. Here are 12 divisions covering every aspects of Lincoln’s life. The images are represented in thumbnails with brief bibliographic description. By clicking the thumbnails, a large image will pop up with further metadata information regarding to creator, data, image source, and so forth.
Video: one part of the videos is presented in RealPlayer, and the other part is presented in Adobe Flash format. There is also a half completed part.
Interactive resources: Timeline of Lincoln’s life is presented in Flash. What’s more, maps of election results in different years and different states are presented in Maps. That is the most distinguish and rich part within this project.
It is a wonderful site for history fans. The dynamic construction of the project facilitates accessibility and the impressive materials satisfy users on various purposes.

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