Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bernard Becker Medical Library

Bernard Becker Medical Library Digital Image Collection

The Bernard Becker Medical Library in the Washington University School of Medicine hosts an excellent digital image collection of over 4000 images from the Archives and Rare Book collection.

The home page of the Digital Image Collection is the archive's search function, which allows users to search by keyword, subject, persons portrayed, collection, and/or online exhibit. Instructions below guide users to type "all" into the keyword search to display all the images in the collection, as well as how to search by date or a date range. The subject, persons portrayed, collection and online exhibit search functions all contain a pull-down menu listing the search options in each search header. Search terms may also be combined for more precise searches. The combined search function is somewhat awkward, however, since a person performing a search has no way of telling what combination will yield results.

Each item lists a very thorough metadata list, containing the image identifier number and metadata record number, title, description, a list of tagged subjects, date, physical description of the original item, the collection the image in from, the format of the digital image, and the image rights. The institute's MARC records file for the image may also be displayed.

Users may also leave a comment about the image (including contact information if a response is desired) and view a larger version of the image.

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