Thursday, April 2, 2009
The Fan Museum
12 Crooms Hill,
Greenwich, London SE10 8ER

The Fan Museum of Greenwich, London web site appears to be actively taken care of and up to date. It has a current temporary exhibit ADAM AND EVE and pinch me,
An exhibition of Biblical Fans from the 17th century to the present day
15 January 2009 - 31 May 2009 and POETRY IN MOTION begins June 2009 - 04 October 2009-. Its collection’s history seems well researched and documented on the web site. “The Fan Museum is the first and only museum in the world devoted in its entirety to all aspects of the ancient art and craft of the fan. It has been described as "an architectural and artistic gem", and as "an oasis of tranquility". The Fan Museum is home to a collection of more than 3,500 predominantly antique fans from around the world dating from the 11th century to the present day. Its collection and fans on loan from other collections are displayed in changing themed exhibitions in which fans are presented in their historical, sociological and economic contexts. For conservation reasons it is not possible to display the whole collection together at any time; therefore the museum features two distinct displays. The first is permanent and serves as an introduction to fans: their history, how they are made, the materials used, and the various types and sources of fans. The second, highlighting a particular theme, changes three times a year to enable visitors to appreciate the many aspects and intricacies of fans.”
The site also has a statement of copyright: “All images are the property of The Fan Museum and as such are copyright protected © 2007 and not to be reproduced without express permission.”
In 1991, when the Fan Museum opened it had the distinction of awards from both the National Art Collections Fund and the English Tourist Board for "outstanding contributions to the Arts and to tourism".
Sadly, you would have to actually go to the museum, as there are only a few examples of each of the previous and current exhibits, which are so small that there is no chance of viewing the details. Absolutely nothing is clickable to enlarge or zoom in on. No metadata is provided for any of the fans displayed on each web page. Unfortunately, ones high expectations are quickly dashed by the lack of presentation. The only way you might be able to get up close and personal with these fans is if you are actually there in person.
The gift shop at The Fan Museum contains a fascinating range of high quality items all of which have a fan theme which would make great gifts. Individuals may even commission their own design. The museum even provides workshops for a wide variety of purposes; e.g. publicity, banqueting, weddings, anniversaries, presentations, etc.
The Fan Museum has a fully qualified conservation service for the preservation and protection of cherished fans.
They have a shopping page with a sampling of their gifts and a pdf. order form to download, but even here the objects are so small with no opportunity to zoom in for a closer look that you really wouldn’t want to risk ordering something that you couldn’t see.

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