Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comic Books of the 1950s

"Comic Books in the '50s" was created and compiled by the Electronic Collections Manager at the University of Buffalo libraries. This online archive hosts a wide variety of comic book covers from the 1950s and a section called the "Crusade Against Comic Books", a movement from the '50s that believed comic books were unsuitable for children.

The comic book covers are organized alphabetically by title. They may also be searched for by title, year, genre, and/or theme. Each cover also has the title of the comic, volume and number (if applicable), month, year, and publisher.

Batman No.(128 ) December ,1959 National Periodical Publications

Wonder Woman No.(67 ) July ,1954 National Periodical Publications

The "Crusade Against Comic Books" gives a brief history of the anti-comic books sentiments that were on the rise in the 1950's. It also describes the creation of the Comics Code Authority (CCA), which is the "comic book industry's mechanism for self-regulating the portrayal of sex, violence, and antisocial activity in American comic books." (Source)

This archive is fun for fans of comic books. It does not, however, have a cover for all the major comics from this era. Fans of superheros such as the Flash or the Green Lantern, will be disappointed. This archive does have covers from comics such as "Might Mouse", "Archie", "Jungle Tales" and more. It is also disappointing that there is no mention anywhere as to the source of these comic book covers. Presumably, they were a donation to the UB Libraries, but that information is not available from the website. More information may be requested from Mark Lavin, the Electronic Collection Manager.

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