Sunday, April 12, 2009

E-collections at the Center for Research Libraries

CRL (the Center for Research Libraries) acquires and preserve both traditional and digital resources for research and educational use. The materials are made available to member institutions through interlibrary loan or electronic delivery.

CRL major collections include dortoral dissetations, some of the earliest African-American newspapers and other materials that produced outside the America. There are electronic collections. Books, foreign documents and other items have been scanned and are available through library’s catalog.

I checked some of the collections and found that World Newspaper Archive collection needs username and password to access. Others are accessible and have searching systems for users to explore the whole collection.
I carefully looked at Chinese Pamphlets collection which collects materials like political posters, cartoon books, pamphlets and materials in different formats that published in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. Some of the items are even rare in China.All 254 items are presented in thumbnail with Chinese spelling names. Users could click the thumbnails to see larger images. The images are presented in a pop up window. Users could do actions like rotate the image, zoom in or fit in different ways. There is a bar going along with the pop-up window in the left hand side. Users can view document description or each page’s description in a new window.

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