Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Las Vegas Matchbook Collection

This matchbook collection by Jeff Hermann began as a casual collection of matchbooks in a margarita glass. Over time he has gotten donations form his dad and uncle and bought a few on ebay. According to his "Collecting" page, he has "well over a 100" vintage matchbooks. I assume "vintage" means 1950s-1970s. Only 40 covers are digitized.

His metadata includes "Complete" , "Condition" , "(F)rontstrike/ (B)ackstrike) and "Feature". None of these qualifiers are explained, so I assume that "Complete" refers to all of the matches being intact. "Condition" is based on a 1-? scale presumably based on his own evaluation. "Feature" required some investigation on my part, and I discovered on the American Matchcover Collecting Club website that a "Feature" is "a trademark for a match book containing wide match sticks that were printed with lettering, designs or a combination of both (not to be confused with printed sticks). The standard 30-stick size match book held 21 wide stick feature match sticks in three rows of seven. The 20-stick size match book held 15 wide match sticks and was known as the Feature. Introduced September 1930. They are no longer made." I also discovered that there is a rating system for matchbooks that isn't what Hermann's is based on.

He acquisition information includes entity and date. Most of the entities are ebay, Uncle Kurt, and Dad. Some matchcovers have comments about the history of the casino, etc., but he doesn't state from where he gets that information. He also apologizes for the image on some of the scans. The only search option is to click on the matchcover's name, and the image can't be magnified.

It is hard to tell when he last updated the site. He has a couple of pages under construction. Based on the number of members in the AMCC, this must be a popular hobby. I guess for those folks, this would be an interesting resource.

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